What is Irrigation Optimization?

What is Irrigation Optimization?

irrigation optimization in agriculture aims at efficient use of water resources in agricultural fields

Irrigation optimization in agriculture aims at efficient use of water resources in agricultural fields. To assure accurate use of water as needed;

  • Irrigation lines should be placed accurately on the farming areas,
  • Planning irrigation should be realized based on the needs of the plants,
  • Irrigation systems should be monitored effectively and continuously. 

Developments in smart agricultural technologies with algorithms, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) made data-based irrigation optimization systems into a reality. Smart farming practices are in the forefront of agricultural irrigation areas and provide numerous advantages to producers.  

In order to achieve irrigation system optimization using agricultural technologies, new generation agricultural sensors, AI based software, plant monitoring and automation systems are used.


What are Irrigation Optimization Solutions?

Irrigation optimization systems are agricultural technology practices that aim for accurate use of water resources in order to increase irrigation efficiency.

Along with the era of digitalization in agriculture, technologies used in irrigation optimization systems are also developing. New generation agricultural sensors, AI based software, irrigation automation systems are some examples of the developing technologies. We developed T-Irrigate: Irrigation Optimization to offer AI based irrigation optimization solutions in the digitalizing agricultural world.


What is T-Irrigate: Irrigation Optimization? 

T-Irrigate is an AI based irrigation optimization solution that enables farmers to manage their irrigation activities with the right amount at the right time. It is a technology that facilitates remote irrigation management with real-time data flow provided to producers. This unique agricultural technology ensures proper irrigation in agriculture by:

  • We push soil sensor and other related agro data from various sources into our AI Platform,
  • By using algorithms and AI, we convert static data into something meaningful and dynamic,
  • We are capable of calculating critical field water thresholds where we mainly focus on ‘’water and root’’ data.
  • The optimum irrigation zone is calculated and we expect irrigation activities to be managed within these levels.


How does T-Irrigate: Irrigation Optimization Work?

Data from individual soil sensors at different levels is analyzed by the AI Platform for critical calculations. Each irrigation activity is scored by our AI engine and the platform calculates critical irrigation thresholds.The critical irrigation thresholds we identified are: Saturation Point, Field Capacity and Wilting Point.

In addition to field specific threshold calculations, using our sensor data and algorithms we also calculate champion roots, daily water consumption rates of roots, daily evapotranspiration (ET0) rate, infiltration and saturation durations and water spreading effect.

Making use of various complex calculations and analysis we focus on making data understandable and easily accessible for our users and allowing them to manage their irrigation in the fields with ease. In this sense, Field specific calculations such as Interpolated Humidity Index, Irrigation Start Level, Irrigation Cut-Off Level and Optimum Irrigation Area are made by algorithms. Optimum Irrigation Area represents the effective irrigation zone where the humidity index should be managed in between.

irrigation optimization systems are agricultural technology practices that aim for accurate use of water resources
Irrigation Optimization Systems

Our producers can make use of this data, we present through our smart agricultural practices, to monitor the irrigation activities on their fields and save resources.


What are the Advantages of T-Irrigate: Irrigation Optimization?

Irrigation at the right time, using the right amount is crucial for our farmers both in terms of crop efficiency and in input costs. The benefits we provide in irrigation management in agriculture with T-Irrigate: Irrigation Optimization Station, which we have developed for science-based irrigation decisions, are as follows:

  • Science-based irrigation decisions
  • Detailed information about what’s happening under the ground
  • Opportunity to intervene with real time data access for field managers and farm owners 
  • Minimized employee mistakes
  • Input optimization
  • Prevention of waste of valuable water and other resources (fertilizer, labor, etc.)
  • Electricity saving
  • Sustainability in agriculture

You can view our T-Irrigate: Irrigation Optimization Subscription Package, combining the smart digital services which we design and produce here in Topraq and get in touch with us for further details on our products.

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